White Pine

Happy Leap Day! Did you see the sunrise this morning? Wow! A cold morning leading in to a beautiful sunny winter day! Heading for a high temperature near 40 degrees again today but the track should stay pretty nice through the afternoon after the cold and clear overnight. All trails open and will be groomed today. We did not groom near the church yesterday due to the moose that was wandering around. Please do not harass the wildlife. We’ll be grooming the barn side of the farm this morning and then see how the wildlife situation goes.

Fresh packed and corduroy powder for classic and skate early today. Transformed snow later in the day. Watch for just a couple of icy, sticky or wind scrubbed patches due to the wind and sun. Ski with awareness. The 3k and 5k will be ready first, the Dog Loop, Farm and Armstrong will be groomed next. Blue wax early then red today. Be aware of icy sidewalks, winter walking conditions and use the handrails on the stairs.

Please drive safely, walk with care in your ski boots and ski with Joy! Purchase your pass and wear it please. Be aware, be careful and ski within your abilities. PLEASE ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips and park smart helps! Come play in the snow, drop in the shop to say hi, visit the ducks, look for leap day snow bunnies and have a sunny Joyful ski day!

Check our trail report for additional fun updates.

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