White Pine

A blustery warm morning to start the day. A gusty warm morning leading in to the storm arriving mid morning. It will definitely be better to get out early. Adventure skiing will be the order today. It will be gusty and warm today. Heading for a high temperature near 50 and predicted wind gusts near 60 mph as the storm arrives. Temperatures will drop quickly as the front comes through. There will be an array of pinecones and twigs on the trail so ski with awareness and care. Help us by coming out to rake sticks off the trail so they won’t get ground into the trail by the snowcat. The skate and classic track is soft but will glaze quickly. It will be a little sticky with the wind and warming temperatures for classic and skate. All trails are open, but grooming focus will be on the core near the nordic center as the storm comes in. Heavy snow is expected during the day and the NWS has predicted 60mph gusts and possible thunderstorm snow. Watch for icy, sticky or wind scrubbed patches. Ski with awareness.

The 3k and 5k will be ready first around 9:30 given the weather…, the Dog Loop, Farm and Armstrong will be groomed next if conditions allow. Red wax and structure today. Please drive safely, walk with care in your ski boots and ski with Joy! Purchase your pass and wear it please. Be aware, be careful and ski within your abilities. PLEASE ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips and park smart helps! Come play in the snow, drop in the shop when the storm arrives to check the new gear. The ducks and snow bunnies will be lying low today. Please have a Joyful, blustery and adventurous ski day!

If you’re reading this far into the report again, Thank you! Here is your reward for reading. All nordic ski boots are 30% off marked price. Selection is limited to stock on hand, no special orders. We also just received a new small order of fish-scale skis including a few partial metal edge Rossignol OT. The skis are not discounted, but if you hurry, we have your size in stock again. It’s a good day to buy gear and watch the storm from inside.

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