White Pine

We’ve received 5 of the predicted 2 inches of new snow so far this morning. We’re grooming the 3km, 5km and Armstrong trails today. The skate and classic track will be soft with the new snow. All trails but the Farm are open. We’ll be grooming the Farm, with the generous assistance of Mountain Trails and Park City, tomorrow afternoon for the Wasatch Citizens Series distance race on Saturday. Today is the last day to register on the Utah Nordic Alliance website. The Farm trail will be open for public skiing beginning mid-day Saturday. Please do not ski the trail Friday afternoon after the race groom.

Grooming focus will be on the core near the nordic center today. Red/Blue or violet wax this morning, red later in the afternoon. The skiing won’t be too fast early, but it will pick up mid-morning as the tracks get skied in. It will be another Joyful and beautiful day to be out. Watch for icy walkways and use the handrails! Be aware, be careful and ski within your abilities. PLEASE ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips and park smart helps! Come play in the snow and drop in to the shop to say hi. The snow bunnies will be out and about later today. Let’s put in a big plug for all the hardworking people who spend hours making your ski experience wonderful. Please have a Joy-filled and adventurous ski day!

Register now for the Wasatch Citizens Series Season Finale at the Farm on Saturday. Registration deadline is Thursday at Midnight. Register online on this website. We’ll be using the full Farm loop. Age based distances and wave starts. We’ll be grooming Friday afternoon. The trail will be closed to public skiing from Friday afternoon until mid-day Saturday. Please don’t hop the rope and ruin the race grooming Friday afternoon. Thank you.

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