White Pine

Quite a storm last night, we received 2-3 inches of snow on the trees and trails once the temperatures went down. The snow was a little drier than the last few storms so new classic tracks are coming in very nicely. Skate will be a little soft early. Mid 20’s for temps early then warming to near freezing through the day. Skiing will be nice and smooth from the start. Good ski times will be from 9-1 today. Prime skiing generally has shifted to between 11am and 2pm. Clouds cover and a chance of afternoon snow may make it changeable in the afternoon. We’re grooming the 3km, 5km and Armstrong trails first today. All trails are open. The dog loop and farm will get a snowcat groom mid-morning now that the storm has freshen things up. Blue wax early, then red or violet wax today. It will be another wintery joyful and beautiful day out playing in the snow. Be aware, be mindful and ski within your abilities. PLEASE ride the bus, micro transit, carpool, skateboard, cycle, e-bike or walk if you can. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground but everything you can do to reduce single driver trips and park smart helps! Come play outside and drop in to the shop to say hi and check out the deals available on our annual sale. The snow bunnies and ducks will be out today. Have a Joyous and fun ski day!

Our annual sale is underway! Selection is limited to stock on hand, no special orders, all sales are final. No holds, no returns. Incredible savings on clothing, skis, poles and boots can be yours. We’ve still got a good selection of skis and poles so we’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you!

BOGO offer for Mountain Dell Season Pass holders. Show us your Mountain Dell Pass and we’ll get you out skiing for the rest of the season. It’s been a rough season due to the weather at Mountain Dell, so grab a ski buddy, come in, show us your pass and you can buy two trail day passes for the price of one.

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