White Pine

Happy Friday! A crispy cold morning with calm air and just a few clouds in the sky. A beautiful sunny day coming! All trails are open, touched up with a fresh surface and set with classic track. It looks like early skiing might be very rewarding today. Firm track for skating with a nice crumble on top, firm classic early, softening later in the day as the sun warms things up. Mid 20’s for temperatures early, then warming to above freezing through the day. Skiing will be nice and smooth from the start. Good ski times will be from 9-1 today. Prime skiing generally has shifted to between 10am and 2pm. It will be a great day to grab a walk-in lesson to touch up your technique and work on some drills to improve your enjoyment and satisfaction. Blue wax early, then red or violet wax later today. It will be another beautiful, sunny winter day.

Please be aware, be mindful and ski within your abilities. Have a Joyous and fun ski day!

Thank you for reading to this point and connecting with us. Our annual sale is underway! Selection is limited to stock on hand, no special orders, all sales are final. No holds, no returns. Incredible savings on clothing, skis, poles and boots can be yours. We’ve still got a fairly good selection of skin classic skis and skate skis so we’ll be able to find the perfect pair for you!

BOGO offer for Mountain Dell Season Pass holders. Show us your Mountain Dell Season Pass and we’ll get you and a friend out skiing. Grab a ski buddy, come in, show us your pass and you can buy two trail passes for the price of one.

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