White Pine

Spring Is here! Conditions on repeat with freeze thaw cycles daily. Crust early and very soft slush late. Late afternoon skaters and walkers are really doing a number on the trail. If you can avoid it, please do not ski after 3, the deep ruts freeze solid overnight and are very difficult to groom out. Also, for the people who love to walk the trails…. Please just don’t. Post holes are worse than ruts. Help us remind people that the ski trails are for skiing. Full warm spring weather again today. We did a late groom and track set yesterday on the 5k and 3k. If people stayed off it will be pretty good early today. They didn’t and you’ll see the result. All trails are open, scratched up with a fresh surface and with hard classic track. Early skiing will be very exciting and spicy. It will soften significantly later in the day beginning about 9:30 am as the sun warms things up. It is right at freezing this morning so the track will warm quickly. If you can squeeze in a ski and get it just right, you’re bound to have a great time. Warming to near 50 again by afternoon.

Cagey skiers know that the crust skiing season is here again! Crust skiing will be very nice and smooth from the start until about 9 today. Hop off the trail and explore a bit. It will get soft earlier today with the warmer morning. Good ski time will be from 10-2 today. Red or violet wax early today, yellow by afternoon with the chance of deep ruts forming. Please be aware of changing conditions, be mindful and ski within your abilities. Parking is available all around the hotel and underground use the east entrance until the hotel fixes the main garage entrance door. Everything you can do to reduce single driver trips and park smart helps!

Come play outside in the sun then drop in the shop after your ski to say hi and collar a great deal on gear and clothes at our annual 40% off gear and clothing clearance sale. Have a Joy filled Spring ski day!

BOGO offer for Mountain Dell Season Pass holders. Show us your Mountain Dell Pass and we’ll get you and a friend out skiing. Grab a ski buddy, come in, show us your pass and you can buy two trail passes for the price of one.

We are planning to be open at least through the end of March. Snow coverage is remaining quite good and we want to keep the party gliding. We have requested permission from Park City (our landlord) to stay open until the 12th of April. We are waiting to hear back and we’ll update you as soon as we know.

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