The Skyline Nordic Club* grooms a fun, curvy, slightly hilly 7K track for skate and classic at the Skyline Resort golf course in Fairview, Utah. They ask for $5 for a day fee or $25 for a season pass. No facilities.

The course has a series of intersecting loops to allow for different directions on multiple laps. The start is on mostly flat beginner-friendly terrain. As you move further east, it gets a bit hilly. Elevation is in the 6,200 range, with a difference of about 150 feet from the high point to the low point.

Fairview is 90 minutes south of downtown Salt Lake City or about 55 minutes south of Provo. The air quality is often much better than Salt Lake, Summit or Utah counties.

Facebook Page

In addition to the TUNA feed, Fairview also posts updates on their Facebook page, available: here.

Most recent Grooming Report

  • Fairview
    A few snow showers yesterday. Both lower and upper loops were buffed out this morning in the skate lane. Lower loop is starting to degrade and definitely not recommended for classic. Upper loop coverage still good for skating and should be nice. Classic tracks on the upper loop remain intact for the most part but getting there could be challenging, so skating is your best option.


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To get to the course from the north, take US 89 through town, go left/east on 300 South, follow the curve right as the road becomes Mountainville Highway, and go 3 miles to the turn to Skyline Mountain Resort. After the left turn into Skyline Mountain Resort (Birch Creek Drive), take the first left onto Club House Drive, and the next left onto Sports Haven Drive. When you see the gate, look to the left for a snowy parking area. The fee post and track start are right there.

*Fairview resident Bill Bedford handles all of the grooming, and often pays for fuel and maintenance from his pocket, for the love of skiing and the desire to share it with others. If you ski the track, please put money in the fee box.