Need a race suit or warmups for the 2021-2022 season?

The first order is going in and is due: October 9th, 2021.

The password is: TUNA 2021

Click here to go to Podiumwear and order


Is this mandatory? No. Kids love to have team gear, and for  JNQs kids should have a race suit. If you had one last year that fits, that’s ok too. They are not nearly as picky about uniforms in skiing as in high school sports. For the older kids, this is a big part of feeling like a team.

What about DEVO? We will still be offering the famous DEVO warmups to borrow along with rentals this year. Many kids wear their own clothing. The warmups for racing are pretty thin, so chances are on our cold days they’ll want to layer. 
But…for many kids in Devo who are racing, we are simply offering this opportunity. In the next few years we anticipate there will be opportunities for selling and passing down clothing as more comes into the group.

What if I can’t do this right now? We plan to open a second window for the season in November. This deadline is short because some folks want to get theirs delivered before Thanksgiving.

How does it work? You order just like you’re doing any online order. Podiumwear makes each piece individually and then it comes to you. Be sure to select the correct size, because they cannot be returned.

How do I get my order?: All orders will be delivered to Steve Cook and will be distributed to those who ordered them.

Didn’t get your question answered here? Send me an email and I’ll try my best to help:
Remember, this order window closes in 10 days!