While most people think of Utah as the Mecca for downhill skiers perhaps the best kept secret is its Nordic skiing!

Utah has some of the best flavors of Nordic skiing whether you are a track skiing lycra-junkie or a bark-eating backcountry skier. And best of all, the skiing is very accessible so you aren’t spending all your time driving.


The skiing usually starts in early November in the high country, and the Nordic Ski Centers are operational in early December. Things wrap up at the end of March although many places push to stay open until Easter. And in the high country you can often get turns or skate the crust into May. It all depends on the weather gods, but usually they are pretty generous with the snow.


Speaking of weather gods; Utah has amazing weather. Never too cold, doesn’t stay gray and gloomy, winter rain is almost unheard of, and we rarely ski on ice. In fact, most Utah Nordic skiers don’t even know what klister is!! Blue sky, sun, the weather really is as good as Ski Utah claims. It is rare to have temperatures in the single digits (F).

Equipment and Instruction

Nordic skiing is very popular and well organized in Utah, especially in the Salt Lake-Park City area. Rentals can be obtained at Wasatch Touring (Salt Lake), REI (Salt Lake), Kirkham’s (Salt Lake), White Pine Touring (Park City) and at all Nordic Centers. Lessons are available at all Nordic Centers as well.


TUNA is the premier Nordic ski association in Utah with outreach to all Nordic activities in the state. Check out the website for the latest conditions in Southern Utah and Ogden as well as upcoming races and other events of interest. TUNA is a year round organization that provides events and activities of Nordic skiers so please visit our website often.