SR 65, also known as Big Mountain or East Canyon Road, is groomed periodically from December through February. The road is groomed from the gate at Little Dell Reservoir to the Salt Lake/Morgan County line, 5 miles up the road. The first 1.5 miles is fairly flat and then the road climbs steeply.

Groomers post conditions updates each time they groom.

There can be snowmobiles, walkers, runners, snowshoers, cyclist and other skiers present at any time. Be aware and play nice. If you are skiing after dark, be sure to at least wear reflective clothing so that snowmobilers can see you. A headlamp and/or blinky lights are a good idea, too. Do not stop in corners or anywhere else that there is a restricted view.

This road is in protected Watershed. Dogs are not allowed on the road, off the road, or in your car in the parking area.

There are no fees for skiing this road. This grooming is provided courtesy of TUNA, The Utah Nordic Alliance. Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made here.

Be aware that moose are often encountered on or near the roadway and can be dangerous if frightened. When approached on the roadway, they often remain on the road surface for some distance as they flee, so be mindful that this can result in them becoming trapped between you and an oncoming skier.

Most recent Grooming Report

  • SR-65
    The recent rain and warm temperatures have resulted in exposing large areas of asphalt and extremely thin coverage for the first mile. This, together with the forecast calling for more warmth, the decision was made to end grooming for the season. We wish these winters didn’t fly by so fast. Thank you for supporting grooming and being a part of the community who loves and enjoys this beautiful canyon.


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To get to SR 65, take exit 134 off I-80, the same exit as Mountain Dell. The parking area is 3 miles from the interstate. A bathroom is available at the parking area.