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New Website FAQ

Q: Can I pay by check?
A: Yes, but there may be a delay in processing because someone has to pick it up from a P.O. Box and log it to our system.

Q: Why did you change the website?
A: The old site came to a point where it could no longer be maintained to the standards of security and usability for 2020, and also needed to be on a platform easily maintained by volunteers.

Q: Why do I have to be a TUNA Member to enroll in ski programs?
A: TUNA is a non-profit organization that relies on grants, donations, membership fees, and volunteers. The small amount that members pay each year allows us to maintain our amazing track at Mountain Dell at the cheapest price for skiing in or around Salt Lake. It also allows us to offer the most accessible programs for youth and adult skiers.

Q: Why do I have to sign up as a member and then do a separate transaction for programs?
A: The software package we chose for the best maintainability requires this extra step. The company who makes it may add new functions, and they will be installed as they come up. We’re so sorry for this step, but that happens to be how the software was written, and we need to make sure we use a system that is secure, which is one reason we are using existing software.

Q: Can I pay electronically?
A: Of course! PayPal is our secure provider for payments.

Q: Do I have to make a new login if I was a member last year?
A: Unfortunately, the two systems can’t speak to each other, so this year, yes. Going forward you’ll still be in the system when it’s time to renew your membership.

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