Mountain Dell

LATEST REPORT – Our Grooming Ops have been assessing conditions as they change. Currently, Mountain Dell has received one or two inches of the fluffy stuff. Currently, there isn’t enough to groom, which means if you try and ski, you’ll get a free ski grind on the pavement. In other words, still not yet! If your urge to ski is too strong, perhaps go check out a local park that has grass.

PLEASE NOTE – if you try and ski right now, it will actually leave less material for the groomers to work with as it snows more. So be patient, grasshoppers, we will get there. We’re all pretty starved right now, but if we wait a little longer, the track will be able to be set up properly, and with any luck we will be skiing on this snow until the next snow.

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Jen is a USSA L200 cross-country ski coach. Prior to skiing, she raced road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes internationally as a professional. Currently Jen is the Junior Comp coach and TUNA Programs Administrator.