Mountain Dell

First of all, THANK YOU! By staying off the course yesterday you gave the groomers time and space to create the track you know and love.

FRIDAY: The pavement is very thin and nothing is groomed today while the groomers wait for the moisture to leave the snow. The grooming team may be working to pack and manage snow today to get ready to groom. Skating will certainly get down to grass (or pavement) and get you that long-awaited ski grind. Better to have that done at a shop!

SATURDAY: Maybe…that depends on what falls today.

THANK YOU ALL for your patience. As Tom Petty said, “The waiting is the hardest part.” We’ll be skiing soon!

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Jen is a USSA L200 cross-country ski coach. Prior to skiing, she raced road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes internationally as a professional. Currently Jen is the Junior Comp coach and TUNA Programs Administrator.