Thank you! Shovelfest ’22

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We moved tons of snow!

Our para-athletes in sit skis access Mountain Dell from the parking area at Lollipop. With help from about fifteen very productive and generous volunteers today, we worked to ensure that skiing remains accessible for all.

What: Shovelfest

When: Sunday, January 23, 12 noon to 2pm

Masks required at all times

Bring a shovel and toboggan for snow moving if you have one

Park at the end of the frontage road past Mountain Dell, step around the gate, and walk down. No muddy boots on the track, please!

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Jen is a USSA L200 cross-country ski coach. Prior to skiing, she raced road, cyclocross, and mountain bikes internationally as a professional. Currently Jen is the Junior Comp coach and TUNA Programs Administrator.