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That’s a wrap (for Mtn Dell. Check out the SR 65 page for grooming updates!) As we finished the final groom of the season Sunday morning, the skies opened up and we received six inches of fresh in three hours. There will be plentiful snow for many days to come, but we will not be grooming Mountain Dell anymore this season. You are welcome to ski, but please show respect for our SLC Golf hosts and do not ski across greens, which are all fenced or roped off. We should also have many weeks of crust cruising.

Thank you is inadequate for the crew of volunteer groomers who show up daily for four hours of cold, dark, hard work. They make this amazing resource possible. Heading into that fourth hour on a sled in single-digit temperatures requires endurance, a high pain threshold and an unbelievably generous spirit. Most have been at it for well more than 10 winters. I am regularly awed and humbled by their efforts, and am lucky to be associated with such a band of stubborn, dedicated snow farmers.

We groomed 118 days this season, but that still is short of our record year. Our five year average is 101 days. We hope you find that season pass an incredible value, and thank you for being a part of the Mountain Dell community. See you out there!

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