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We are having a year. We had “a year” last year. Very different. The snow has been very uncooperative, resulting in a change in the WCS schedule. All efforts are being made to provide a 5 race series as usual. The volunteer race crew and the race director are working with venues to do the best they can with what we have. Currently, White Pine and Soldier Hollow are the only race venues with snow, and Soho has many national and international commitments this year, which is a reason why races can’t just be moved there.

New Schedule

Dec 23, 2023WCS #1 SkateSoldier HollowMoved
Jan 13, 2024WCS #1 ClassicWhite Pine FarmInterval Start
Jan 20, 2024WCS #2 Free/SkateSoldier HollowWave/Mass Start
Feb 10, 2024WCS #3 ClassicMountain DellInterval Start
Feb 24, 2024WCS #4 Free/SkateMountain DellInterval Start
March 9, 2024WCS #5 Free/SkateWhite Pine FarmWave/Mass Start

If You Registered Already

If you registered for Race #1, you are now registered for the new Race #1 on January 13th at White Pine. Should you be unable to attend, your entry can be applied to another race. Please contact WCS@utahnordic.org with requests or questions.

If you’re a season passholder, you are registered for all of the races on the new schedule.

Haven’t registered? Make sure you register by midnight on the Thursday before each race. Registration is online only, and will close before each event.

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