Mountain Dell

The skate lanes cleaned up Tuesday evening on Mitten, Main, Boomerang, LolliTop, Park By-Pass and Kid’s Cutoff. Lollipop Stem, Wiggle and the section of Kids from Main to the Park By-Pass have melted out. Classic tracks were not reset, but the classic skiing on Main and Boomerang should be fair. The best time to ski will be before Noon. We are doing all we can to keep the track viable for all of our skiers and juniors programs in this extremely warm spell. We can only groom in the evening, and have to hit it at 6 P.M., as soon as all the juniors have cleared. If you ski while we are grooming you will leave very deep trenches that will freeze solid and make skiing dangerous for all users the following morning. Please show your respect for the skiing community and for the volunteer groomers who make this track possible by not skiing after 6 P.M. on Tuesday evening and Wednesday evening

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