JNQ #1 – Jackson Hole – Jan 12 – 14 2023


JNQ #1

JNQ #1 at JHSC
Fri, Jan 12, 20243:00 PM Sun, Jan 14, 20244:00 PM
Saturday – Classic IND, 5k for all
Sunday – Skate Mass, 5/10k

*We are collecting a $50 deposit. This deposit may be refunded in some cases when there is an emergency or if the event is canceled or postponed for any reason.

How it works: The deposit holds your spot with the team for the event. Once the number of participants is known, housing is secured, and entries are in, the balance of the trip will also be paid here.

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Contact: julia.richter@utahnordic.org


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Part Time: Mon/Tue/Thu, Full Time: 5 Days