JNQ #2 – Soho SuperQ


Payment for SuperQ Entry Fees for Comp and Junior Comp:

Junior Comp (U12 and U14) – Two races ($37.80 ea) + $3.56 team van charge = $72.90
Junior Comp (U12 and U14) – One race ($37.80) + $1.78 team van charge = $39.58

Comp (U16, U18, U20) – Two races ($50.40 ea) + $3.56 team van charge = $104.36

*For Gus and Carly, I just added your names to the dropdown list for entries with those late fees.

Explanation of Charges

Entries: The entry fee is paid through a registration service that charges a small transaction fee. The entries were $30 per race for U14/U12, and $45 per race for U16/U18/U20. They also charged us a $6 per skier track fee (one time).

Team Van: The van has to go to races to carry all the skis, wax table, wax equipment, tent, and coaches. We calculate this at the IRS passenger van charge of $0.655 per mile (which takes into account gas, maintenance, insurance). Because the van has to go no matter how many skiers do, we decided it is fair to divide the van charge among everyone going to races. For this race, the share is $3.56 per kid for two days of racing and $1.78 per kid racing one day.

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