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TUNA Yurt Weekend Day Rental (Fri-Sun/Holiday)


TUNA YURT Rental Fees:

Reservations need to be confirmed on the reservation calendar before purchase.
ONCE YOU HAVE A CONFIRMED RESERVATION: You may pay here. Be sure to select the correct number of nights under “Quantity”.
You must be a TUNA member to stay at the TUNA Yurt.
Weekend (Friday night through Sunday night)
$150 per night for weekends and holidays
You must purchase a {products} first in order to stay in the Yurt. Purchase your TUNA Membership and then once complete, you may login and pay Yurt fees.
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COVID Update:

  • TUNA will be providing an additional COVID related disclaimer which will require signature of all party members prior to use.
  • The Yurt will be considered a use-at-your-own-risk space with the expectation that each party taking all necessary precautions to sanitize and create a safe environment upon their arrival.
  • Sanitization supplies are to be provided by each party– do not plan supplies being available at the yurt for use.
  • We are all in this together, thank you for your patience and understanding as we adjust our yurt offering to make it as safe as possible.

About the Yurt

The Utah Nordic Alliance (TUNA) has operated a yurt in the Uintah National Forest for over twenty years under a permit issued by the Kamas Ranger District. TUNA was the original permit in this national forest. The Forest Service has allows TUNA to keep the yurt up, all year round and on a permanent platform. Thus the yurt can be used year-round for such activities as hiking, camping, mountain biking, horse packing, skiing, etc.

The TUNA Yurt has been repaired to keep out the elements.

Users must be members of TUNA and certified to use the Yurt. Due to COVID-19, it is not safe to hold certification classes this year. Those who were certified before may contact Peter Swisher: for more information.


The TUNA Yurt has upgraded ammenities.
Comfy bunks and a disco ball – what else could you need for your backcountry adventure?