UPDATE WCS #5 – The Farm – Preliminary Results

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Preliminary results from WCS #5, here.

Saturday looks to be another adventurous day at the Farm.  Cold overnight and warming during the race.  There is a ton of snow on the trails so conditions should be quite nice if we can keep the elk off.  Start and finish will be the usual places and I dug out the parking access and gate earlier today.  Shouldn’t be a problem getting things and people in and out.


St. Mary’s Church, Park City. Map here.


Parking will be a little tight due to the huge amounts of snow that have been plowed in the parking lot so carpooling is HIGHLY recommended or using the Farm trailhead and accessing through the tunnel.  It would be helpful if teams did not take up multiple parking spaces this time and that carpools stayed in use.  

Bathrooms and Building Access

Port-a-potties will be in the parking lot.  No racer use of indoor restrooms please. 

The only access we have to the building will be for registration/sign in and for timing.  The Knights of Columbus have a St. Patrick’s Day dinner event that they will be setting up for mid-day.

So, all awards, drawing, mugs, season awards etc. will be outside on the patio of the social hall. 


Please check in by 9:30 at the church building even if you have a bib.


There will be a lot of raffle stuff!

We will have season points and award available before and after the race thanks to Dave and Gary reworking the points database.


Email: wcs@utahnordic.org

The Course

It will be the long farm loop with all the full hills to get us up to that magic 20+ km number that makes everyone so excited.

Cut-offs for 1km, 2km and 3k will be exactly like the earlier classic race. 

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