Dave Hanscom Retires from WCS

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Today was the last race of the WCS, and as such, the last of 150 race promotion days for the King of Skiing in the Wasatch, Mr. Dave Hanscom. At WCS #5, Charlie Sturgis said a few words about what … Continued

NEWS Too Fast to Print!

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Thursday, January 21 WCS at White Pine The race this weekend has been moved White Pine. Register by midnight! Read all the details: here.TOKO Wax Tip: HERE Photos needed! We need race photos from your WCS experience! Our regular race … Continued

Welcome, New Skiers!

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This strange year has been a rollercoaster of ups and downs, surprises and disappointments. Being locked down and confined has caused so many people to leave their homes in search of recreation. If you’ve struggled to find a new bike … Continued

Winter is Here!

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The first snow of the year has fallen, and our email boxes are full of questions about groomed tracks, racing, and everything in between. This should get you started! Mountain Dell Our “home track” is Mountain Dell. It is a … Continued

New Website FAQ! Read Me

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New Website FAQ Q: Can I pay by check?A: Yes, but there may be a delay in processing because someone has to pick it up from a P.O. Box and log it to our system. Q: Why did you change … Continued

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